0+6 Pharm.D. Program


Are you looking for pharmacy schools?

We invite you to learn more about the Pharmacy Program at The University of Findlay. Findlay is one of only 13 pharmacy schools in the country to offer a direct-entry, 0+6 program. Students are accepted directly into the pharmacy program as freshmen and continue seamlessly into the professional level of the program, graduating at the end of six years with a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.

In addition, Findlay’s College of Pharmacy offers:

  • Discussion-based classes with engage faculty, instead of large lecture classes
  • Students get to ge their own “first patient.” Fifth year students get hands-on experience by conducting health screenings for third-year students
  • A unparalleled experiential program for sixth-year students
  • Located in Northwest Ohio, The University of Findlay is ranked by U.S. News & World Report and by The Princeton Review.
Direct Entry
One of 13 pharmacy schools in the country to offer a 0+6 program.
plus MBA
At The University of Findlay, it’s possible to earn both a Pharm. D. and an MBA in six years.
My First
Students get to be their own “first patient.” Fifth-year pharmacy students are responsible for conducting health screenings for the third-year students.
A human-like robot that simulates real-life patient senarios, allowing students to learn to handle different situations they may be faced with in a safe learning environment.
Hub Site Models
Sixth-year students do all nine months of clinical education at one of 25 hub sites, but can choose from a variety of elective experiences away from the hub to help each student meet personal and professional goals.
Not Lecture
Our faculty use an interactive teaching style, integrating subjects such as pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, herbal and over-the-counter therapies into non-lecture system based curriculum.
This program is unparalleled! Sixth-year student are matched with a mentor, in one location, while being will be exposed to a variety of experiences with various pharmacists in their practice area.