Dan Brooks – Mathematics


Q: What is your name, major, and hometown?
A: Dan Brooks; Mathematics; Mentor, OH

Q: What hands-on experiences have you had at Findlay?
A: In the math program, I made a metric, and I was able to calculate who was going to win the March Madness bracket. I gave a talk about it at the Ohio Math Conference and also at the Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity at the University.

Q: Name a professor who has inspired you and changed your world.
A: The first professor I met here on campus is Pam Warton. She inspired me to be the best mathematician I can be. She pushes me to my limits, and she became a parent to me in the math department. She kind of took me under her wing and helped me through my problems, both school and non-school related.

Q: Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A: I love being involved in Math Club. We have a lot of events that happen on campus. One thing that everyone loves is Barbie bungee Jump. We get to toss a Barbie doll off of the ledge in the AMU and figure out how many rubber bands it will take to have her head not hit the ground.

Q: What is your advice for students making a college decision?
A: I like to follow your major. If you don’t enjoy your major, you probably won’t enjoy the school.
I went to a giant high school, where I had about 900 people in my class. I wanted to choose a college that wasn’t too small where I could enjoy being with people.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: From day one, they really try to engage you in activities. During opening week, we have Welcome Week, and it’s the best way to meet friends and see all of the opportunities Findlay has. Originally, I went to a large state school my freshman year, and they didn’t have anything during the first week. When I transferred here, I noticed that real fast, I made a lot of friends and met a lot of new people. I had a lot of experiences here that I wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Graduates of Findlay’s Mathematics Program have 100 percent job placement rate and land jobs with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and major insurance companies. Graduates also have 100 percent graduate school placement with institutions all over the country.
Students in the Mathematics Program get to decide what unique courses are offered each year. Courses students have chosen in the past include game theory, topology and financial math.
Students in UF’s Math Club participate in competitions and math conferences and put on events such as Barbie bungee jumping and stress buster parties.
Undergraduate students have had unique research opportunities such as mathematics of counterterrorism and mathematics of the Rubik’s Cube.
It’s easy for UF mathematics students to double major in education and graduate in four years ready to teach.
UF’s Mathematics Program offers five emphasis areas for students to tailor their degrees. Students can choose from actuary preparation, computer science, engineering science, operations research or pure mathematics.