Derek Hill – Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Management

Q: What is your name, major and hometown?
A: I’m Derek Hill, an environmental safety and occupational health management major from Cleveland, Ohio.

Q: What is something hands-on you’ve been able to do at Findlay?
A: I’ve been on four co-ops – three of them with the same company. When I got linked up with my first co-op, I received additional offers into the next two summers and fall semesters. I got to participate in different environmental regulation laws, safety and health programs and learned different management skills through my co-ops.

Q: Name a professor that has changed your world and inspired you.
A: Grant Wilkinson has taught three of my classes here: my introductory environmental course, as well as two environmental law courses. He’s an all-around great guy. He wants you to succeed and do well. Although he’s not my advisor, I do go to him for advice often regarding classes, programs and other extracurricular activities, along with co-ops and internships.

Q: What appeals to you most about being an ESOH major?
A: Everything is about family – everyone does everything together. They’re there to help you at all times. If you need something, they are there. I also really like the connection with co-ops and internships; companies are begging us to work for them. It’s a great opportunity, you learn a lot and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

Q: Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A: I love to go to the recreation center. On long days, when you’re in class and you’re studying all afternoon and you want to let off some steam, go to the FRC, play some basketball with your friends and go to the cardio center.

Q: Do you have advice for students making their college decision?
A: Go to the place you love the most. I fell in love with The University of Findlay the moment I stepped on campus. It’s on the smaller side, which made me feel like I was at home, and also, everyone around me felt like family and made me feel comfortable. You want to make sure you feel comfortable at all times because you’ll be there for four years, whether you live on or off campus.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: First, our mascot’s name is the same as mine: I am Derek. Also, being an Oiler is a sense of pride. You go to a university that people know, whether it’s for sports, majors, whatever it may be. When you say “The University of Findlay,” people know where you’re coming from, and they know you are well established.

The average UF student receives at least three job offers from national and international companies after graduation.
Students receive hands-on training in Occupational Safety
& Health Administration and the United States Environmental Protection Agency programs.
Abundant internship offers that can net more than $10,000 in one summer are available, many from Fortune 500 manufacturers.
Learn from the best! Instructors have more than 25 years of experience in the environmental field.
Our graduates start with an average annual salary of $50,000. Some of these positions are for Fortune 100 companies, environmental consulting firms, public health agencies, and county, state and federal level offices.
Students work hands-on at our All-Hazards Training Center,
which is a nationally recognized disaster preparedness center.
UF’s program is accredited by the American Board of Engineering Technology Applied Science Commission and the Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council.