Dr. Mary Jo Geise – Computer Science

Q: What is your name, the courses you teach and hometown?
A: Mary Jo Geise; computer science, literacy and database courses; Wampum, Pa

Q: What kind of hands-on learning is happening in your classes?
A: It’s no longer just learning how to program computers. Computer science students also learn to write apps for today’s mobile devices.

Q: Among your students, in whom have you seen a professional change?
A: Students who I really see the most change in are the students who participate in internship opportunities where they have really good mentors. The professionalism they learn out in the field provides a transformative experience for the student. When we see them back in the classroom, they see the connection between class and their work experience.
I’ve had the opportunity to go to Marathon internship presentations a couple of times. I’m totally amazed, and I get very good feelings about watching our students up there. When we see them back in the classroom, they see the relevance of what they’re doing.

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching?
A: The best part about teaching in computer science is that it changes all the time. We don’t get bored. It’s always exciting, new and fresh. There’s always something to learn. We’re students, as well, while also being the teachers.

Q: Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A: I really like to see students outside the academic realm performance-wise, whether it’s in music or athletics. I do work with the UF swim team in terms of running their computer timing system. My daughter was a twirler, and now we have two new twirlers. I can’t wait to go and see them twirl. I really enjoy that, and I hope they need a mom to adopt, and I can help them out.

Q: What is your advice for a student making a college decision?
A: While they are in high school, they should take as much math and English as they possibly can. There is no such thing as an easy senior year. They need to keep working so they can get the most out of that and therefore, get the most out of their college education. When looking at institutions, we have a very friendly environment here. I’ve seen a lot of students who make the city of Findlay their home when they graduate.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: The atmosphere is really special here. It’s always been a very friendly place, and it’s been fun to watch Findlay College grow into The University of Findlay. We have an absolutely beautiful campus with a lot of caring people here. It’s really a nice place to be, both as a student and as an employee.

Graduates have a more than 90% job placement rate. Our students are being placed with national and international companies like The Right Thing, Marathon Petroleum and GE Lighting.
Recognized by the State of Ohio as a Program of Innovation with five unique emphasis areas: business, Web and database, mathematics, computer systems and information assurance.
Undergraduate research opportunities with experienced faculty are available for students.

Students take a software engineering course in their senior year that provides extensive hands-on experience.
Our information assurance curriculum is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems and The National Security Agency. It is considered an elite program nationwide, meeting the National Training Standard for Information Systems Security Professionals.
More than 90% of our students land an internship with IT professionals in large and small businesses – 77% lead directly to employment at graduation.
Qualified computer science students have the opportunity to apply for the Choose Ohio First scholarship in addition to other institutional scholarships.