John Guagenti – Business major/MBA


Q: What is your name, major and hometown?
A: I’m John Guagenti and I majored in both human resource management and business management and then later graduated with a master’s of business administration. I’m from Bluffton, Ohio.Q: What hands-on experience have you had at Findlay?
A: In the MBA program, I learned a lot about doing hard work and research to figure out what I need to do to be successful. The program helped me know what to pinpoint, what to pursue and the actions to take to make the right business decisions.I was able to use what I learned in the program to develop my own chainsaw carving business and make connections with people to get the business rolling.
Q: Name a professor that has changed your world and inspired you.
A: One of the most important professors who I learned a lot from was Dr. El-Zayaty. He really challenged us with his homework assignments and tests. We had a big project in his class that took a lot of time. Before I took his class, I didn’t really understand the financial part of business. After his class – after everything he pushed us to do and taught us about how businesses are funded – I really was intrigued with how to specifically find the things that make money and don’t make money for a business.Q: What appealed to you most about the MBA program?
A: We were able to do so much research, and it was so hands-on. If we didn’t go out and do research ourselves and push ourselves, I don’t think we’d get through the program. There weren’t a lot of PowerPoint presentations and tests, which I liked. It was hands-on, and you pushed yourself to learn. The professors were there to help you with your questions and concerns.Q: Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A: I loved running track. I was on the track team all four years of my undergrad, and since I had one more year of eligibility, I ran through my master’s program. It kept me awake and alert, and it kept me involved in something other than school. It gave me something to look forward to on the weekends to keep my mind off of school. It was a big stress reliever for me. It was fun to hang out with my friends and go to track meets.Q: What is your advice for individuals making a decision about MBA programs?
A: If a student is considering an MBA, I’d advise them to get ready for some challenging material, to really put their learning pants on. It gets so much more in-depth than undergraduate courses. There are so many aspects of business and school, and to combine those together and challenge yourself is what it’s all about. The professors offer huge challenges, and the material offers huge challenges. If you’re going to get into the MBA program, you better be ready because there is a lot to learn.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: All of the experiences I’ve had here have shaped me. Being an Oiler has been part of that for the past five years. With that said, I’ll always be an Oiler. I’ll always have the Oiler spirit in me to be able to share with the people I went to school with and my professors.
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