Nkiru Georgiana Ujomu – Master of Science in Environmental, Safety & Health Management


Q: What is your name, major, and hometown?
A: Nkiru Georgiana Ujomu; environmental safety and occupational health management; Nigeria

Q: Name a professor who has inspired you and changed your world.
A: One professor who has inspired me is my course advisor, Dr. Doyle. He’s been a fantastic course advisor and instructor, and I’m sure I speak not just for myself but for other classmates, as well. He’s been very easy to approach. There have been times when I’ve been daunted by a course load, and he told me “You can do it.” The fact that he believed I could do it made me want to not disappoint him. He’s been great.

Q: What appeals to you most about being in the master’s in education program?
A: There are lots of positives sides to the program. Recently, the world has seen a demand for environmental managers because everyone is becoming more aware of the environment. Everyone is becoming more interested in preserving and protecting the environment. There’s been a demand for specialists in this field. I have no doubt that I’ll have a rewarding career in the environmental field.

The program has impressed me way beyond what I expected. It’s been a multifaceted program. I’ve learned things from law to accounting to business and leadership. I have no doubt that with all this under my belt, I’ll be ready to take on the world.

Q. Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A. I happen to be a graduate assistant at the international admissions office, and I’ve had the privilege to meet and make a lot of friends from all over the world. There’s always something new and interesting to do. We go on picnics, to amusement parks, take road trips.
One event that is ingrained in my memory is International Night, where international students represented on campus come together, showcase their cultures and have fun activities like sample food from all over the world. I was privileged to be part of that experience.

Q: What is your advice for students making a college decision?
A: I would encourage students to consider a career in the environmental field and also encourage them to come to The University of Findlay to study. The University will give them the opportunity to be motivated, to be inspired, to earn a degree. The environment is safe and serene. I have no doubt they will get quality, worthwhile and fulfilling experiences being here.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: Being an international student, it’s challenging coming to a new place to study when you’re not used to the culture, a lot of things. The faculty and students alike have been incredibly warm and friendly. You’re not just another student number. You’re actually an individual with individual needs who is important. There’s been a lot of one-on-one interactions with professors. You’re not lost in a classroom. For me, that has made the journey much easier.

Our graduate students can choose to complete our program online, on campus or through a convenient combination of both.
UF’s program is one of just seven programs in the United States accredited by the Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council.
Graduate students can take OSHA courses at our All-Hazards Training Center for a substantially reduced fee.
Learn from the best! Instructors have more than 25 years of experience in the environmental field.
Our program is guided by a national advisory board of industry professionals from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Fortune 100 companies.
UF is the only university in the United States that integrates an academic program with a nationally recognized five acre emergency response training site. Students work hands-on at our All-Hazards Training Center, which is a nationally recognized disaster preparedness center.