Alicia DiAntonio – Pharmacy


Q: What is your name, major and hometown?
A: I’m Alicia DiAntonio. I’m a pharmacy major from Pickerington, Ohio.

Q: Something hands-on you’ve been able to do at Findlay?
A: Through the College of Pharmacy, I’ve had lots of hands-on experience preparing pharmaceuticals – completing preparations in the skills lab, like suppositories and capsules. It’s really hands-on in the classroom, and I’m able to get involved in the learning.

We also learn a lot about patient counseling through a program called My First Patient. Everything goes back to how you’re going to interact with a patient and give the best care. Each week, you get better at it and better at figuring out how to help each patient use medications correctly. Because you’re actually doing it, you have a better idea of how the whole process really works. In the classroom, you get to do service learning. We went to the Agency on Aging last year, and we got to do actual blood pressure and medication interaction screenings. Being involved in Kappa Epsilon also lets you do hands-on activities outside of the classroom, such as health screenings at Marathon.

Q: What’s the best part about being a pharmacy student?
A: Helping other people and having that feeling that you’re making a difference; helping people know that better health can happen and they can help themselves by taking care of themselves. Being a pharmacy student at Findlay, there’s so much you can do. You can specialize in an area or be have a specific practice. There are so many options.

Q: One thing that you love to do on campus?
A: I love working at the student rec center, where I’ve worked at the front desk since I was a freshman. I also love going to Kappa Epsilon events and taking pictures. And food – I love food.

Q: What advice do you have for students making their college decision?
A: Choose somewhere they can see themselves being at home. I feel like I’m at home here, and I found that you’re able to find people with the same values here that you have and want to have; they have the same future outlook. When I first visited, everything felt so right. You’ll know that it feels right.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: I love the atmosphere. Everything I’ve experienced here is making me better. The academic education provided for me here really sets up a good experience.

Direct Entry
One of 13 pharmacy schools in the country to offer a 0+6 program.
At The University of Findlay, it’s possible to earn both a Pharm.D. and MBA or Master of Science in Health Informatics or Equestrian Studies in just six years.
Students get to be their own “first patient.” Fifth-year pharmacy students are responsible for conducting health screenings for the third-year students.
Pharmacy students have either found employment or are able to find employment within six months of graduating.
Pharmacy students have a 98 percent first time passing rate on the board exams.
Our faculty use an interactive teaching style, integrating subjects such as pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, herbal and over-the-counter therapies into non-lecture system based curriculum.
This program is unparalleled! Sixth-year student are matched with a mentor, in one location, while being will be exposed to a variety of experiences with various pharmacists in their practice area.