Timothy Lafferty – Social Work


Q: What is your name, major and hometown?
A: I’m Timothy Lafferty. I’m a Social Work student from Findlay, Ohio

Q: What hands-on experiences have you had at Findlay?
A: Through the social work program, but I’m looking forward to getting involved in the program and the community through things like a food drive and a coat drive. I get to make a difference in the community.

Q: Who has inspired you?
A: Robin Walters-Powell has inspired me in various ways. She introduced me to the social work program in general. Prior to meeting her, I was completely unaware of what it was. After talking to her about what social work can do, she showed me that social work is definitely the path I need to be on.

Q: What appeals to you most about the social work program?
A: The most exciting part of the program so far has been going into the community and seeing an actual social worker work. They work with minorities in the community, and I learned a lot about the disparity that people face, something that we’re often unaware of.

The best part of the program is giving back to the community and participating with social workers already in the community. This semester, I’ll experience my first field placement with a local organization. I’ll be working with children and helping them. I get to give back to the community right away.

Q: Outside of the classroom, what do you love to do?
A: I like to visit the fitness center on campus. I like the rocking climbing. After class, we’ll all go over and hang out, have a good time.

Q: What is your advice for students making a college decision?
A: When I was looking for a college, I was looking for various things, including location, costs and programs available. I chose The University of Findlay because originally, I wanted to pursue a doctor of physical therapy. When I was introduced to social work, I realized I wanted to do that instead.

Q: What do you love about being an Oiler?
A: Since joining The University of Findlay, I’ve been impressed with the staff, teachers and faculty. They’ve challenged me in a short period to question what I believe and really search within myself for the answers to what I want in life.

When I transferred to UF, the counselors made it easy to do. They took care of everything and made it simple. I just showed up.

At Findlay, you will complete two internships arranged with help from UF faculty members as part of the social work course work helping prepare you for the “real world” of social work.
Pass Rate
Social work students have an 89 percent pass rate on the licensure exam and are able to meet all requirements to obtain that professional licensure immediately upon graduation.
The social work programs has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1995.
Graduation Rate
Over the last four years the social work program had an 100 percent graduation rate.
Employment Rate
Social work students have either found employment or entered graduate school within three months of graduation.
Social Work
You will participate in such activities as professional seminars/forums, field trips, and community service and philanthropic projects, all of which allow expansion of knowledge about the social work profession.